Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adelphi Girls Purse by Hold It Right There Bags

Hello all! I've been super busy getting some sewing done lately, unfortunately I can't share any pictures yet...I made some birthday presents that are waiting to be given to their rightful owners!  I'll be sharing them soon though :)

One thing that I did sew that I can share is the beautiful Adelphi Girls Purse by Hold it Right There Bags.  It's the perfect size for a toddler :)  Isn't it just so cute!!
I would rate the pattern at an advanced beginner level.  There are darts and a magnetic snap, but the pattern includes excellent directions for both of these steps.  The pom pom fringe may be a little tricky for someone super new to sewing, but the directions do state that it is much easier to attach using a zipper foot.  That being said, I attached it with a regular foot and had no problems at all, so maybe it wouldn't be difficult after all!
The purse can be made out of just two fat quarters!  One for the exterior of the bag and handle, and one for the interior of the bag and underside of the handle.
 This bag sews up pretty quickly.  I would guess that it only took me about two hours from the time I cut the fabric until the time I had it finished, but I did have some interruptions from the kiddos, so the time is a rough estimate!  Either way, I did get it finished in one evening, which in my book is pretty fast for a purse!  :)
The pattern's directions were written very well and all of the instructions were very clear.  There are pictures for each step along the way, so if there is any confusion, there is always a picture to show you exactly what you should do. 
I only have two sons so I don't often sew little purses, but I do have a two-year-old cousin who was more than happy to receive an adorable new bag! 
Overall, I was completely pleased with this pattern!  I love that it doesn't use much fabric, and the pom pom fringe is such a cute touch!  I will definitely be making more of these once my 7 month old niece is a little older!  It's never too early to start the girls with a purse collection :)