Sunday, November 20, 2016

Double Sided Bag Handles Tutorial

I've had quite a few people ask me lately how I make my double sided handles.  One side is vinyl, and the other side is fabric.  It is really easy to do, so I thought I'd throw together a quick tutorial!  

I've recently used this method on my Swoon Patterns Annette Satchel (get the pattern HERE - affiliate link). 
Swoon Patterns Annette Satchel

And on the Sew Sweetness Coalition Bag for Bag of the Month Club (join the club HERE).  
Sew Sweetness Coalition Bag

So, lets get started!!  First you will need to cut one piece of vinyl, one piece of quilting cotton, and one piece of interfacing (I use Pellon Shapeflex SF101). The length will be whatever size the pattern suggests (unless you know you want longer or shorter) and the width will be twice what you want your finished width to be.  So, for 1" wide handles, you'll cut each of these 2" wide.  For 0.75" handles, you'll cut each of these 1.5" wide, and so on.

First, iron the interfacing to the quilting cotton piece.  Next, on the quilting cotton, fold each of the short ends 1/4" toward the wrong side and press well. 

On the vinyl piece, mark a line that is 1/2" in from each short edge on the wrong side.  Place a line of double stick tape along the line on each end (I use tanner's bond as shown in the picture), then fold 1/4" of each end toward the wrong side up to the line you drew, and press firmly to stick down.

For the cotton side:  First press in half, long edges together.  Open, and fold each long edge to the center crease and press well.  Now you have all raw edges in the center of the back.

With the vinyl side, draw a line right down the center of the wrong side.  Place a line of double sided tape down the length of the handle on each side of the center line.  

You'll then fold each long edge up to the center line so they meet. Press firmly with your fingers to adhere to the tape.  

Now, I smear glue stick generously on the back of the vinyl side of the strap.

Place the wrong side of the straps together and press firmly so the glue will hold them together.

Now I top-stitch all the way around the entire handle (this was a stitch length of 4 and a 1/8" SA.)

Then, if you want to use rivets to attach the handles to your bag, I make the marks at 3/8" and 1 3/4" (shown here in gold marker).  

I hope that was helpful to you and easy to follow!!  


  1. Thanks Jenny for sharing your tutorial. I love the possibilities this method has to offer.

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